Clifford the Tiger Original Painting

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This is not the tiger who came for tea. In actual fact he was so offended when he tried the tea for the first time, that the moment it touched his lips he hurled the cup right the way across our garden and into next door’s holly bush. I told Rory the lion that Clifford didn’t look like your typical tea drinker but he wanted to put my theory to the test. Yep, he was way too cool for tea, but he liked the chocolate hobnobs, especially the ones that had melted in the sun.

This Original Tiger is painted on a beautiful 70cm circular board. The edges are stunning 48mm deep plywood to make a real statement in your home.  He's been a real treat to paint; I had great adventures in colour around his face, loads of colourful details and geometric patterns!

Customer Reviews

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Clare Little
Magnificent Clifford

Couldn’t be happier with my purchase of Clifford the Tiger! He’s a very handsome tiger who has settled in well - kids have been saying hello to him every morning!
Amazing artwork, very personal service, quick delivery, can’t wait to see what comes next!

Mark Beasley
My new mate

Hi Sarah.

I've always looked at your art and thought about purchasing a print as I love all your pictures, but deep down I wanted an original. After my sisters kids visited over Christmas her littlest wouldn't stop taking about Pandas. Any way I was a little unsure when ordering but now Xander is on the wall I just love him. The depth in the painting is incredible he just brightens up our kitchen and looks after our two dogs. Maybe one day Sarah might do a painting of our two Dogs. Thank you very much and I wish you all the best for 2022.

Judith Taylor
My Stunning friend

Invincible has been watching me from my dining room wall for a few years now. As soon as I enter the room his eyes follow me everywhere. He is a beautiful painting, full of feeling and fun. Thank you Sarah for my unique 'friend'.
I can highly recommend a very efficent, and friendly service from Sarah