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Wildlife art project - Home School Help!! :-)

Hoping to help parents who are now home schooling with a project about wildlife painting. This isn't a step by step guide in how to paint like Sarah, the aim is to allow children to  research an artist, create an artist profile, and then to experiment with colour & paint. I have taken the key points from the lesson plans created by Jo-Anne Mallinson, a Deputy Head teacher and tried to make it flow in an accessible way.  

Gloria and Gladys, the Kune Kune pigs of Brixworth Nursery Farm

“Gloria and Gladys were sisters who joined the Brixworth Nursery Farm menagerie when they were 6 weeks old. Only little piggies at that time! Gloria and Gladys are Kune Kune... Read More
Gloria and Gladys, the Kune Kune pigs of Brixworth Nursery Farm-Sarah Taylor Art
Portrait commisions-Sarah Taylor Art

Portrait commisions

You probably know me best as a painter of animals, but did you know that I also like to add splashes of colour and geometric shapes to human portraits too? I... Read More

Your Questions Answered! - A Q&A with Sarah Taylor

A while ago you guys sent me some questions asking about how I go about creating one of my paintings, and how I get to the final picture. It’s lovely... Read More
Graham & The Vixen-Sarah Taylor Art

Graham & The Vixen

One of my most recent paintings; a proud vixen, was commissioned by Graham to commemorate his much-loved Aunt, who sadly passed away earlier in the year. I thought that it might be nice to share a little insight into the life of this magnificent woman, and why Graham chose a fox in particular to honour her.

A Rather Special Pheasant

I’ve been working away on a few paintings recently, but today I’m going to tell you about a rather special pheasant.

A Rather Special Pheasant-Sarah Taylor Art
Etchells Primary School - Woodland Project Part 4-Sarah Taylor Art

Etchells Primary School - Woodland Project Part 4

I would have loved to visit the children in person, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology I was able to video chat with them in-between painting. I was really excited to talk to them, when we connected through skype, I found a classroom of children all sat eagerly waiting to speak to me!

The Name's Bruce

You all seemed to enjoy hearing about Jasper, so I thought I’d tell you about Bruce, another lovely dog who I have had the honour of painting!
The Name's Bruce-Sarah Taylor Art
Saving The Survivors-Sarah Taylor Art

Saving The Survivors

I love animals, and I'm so proud to be supporting 'Saving The Survivors' find out how you can make a difference too each time you purchase a piece of wall art!

Brixworth Nursery Farm

Read about my charity collaboration with acclaimed singer/songwriter Rachael Warwick, and the wonderful animals at Brixworth Nursery Farm!
Brixworth Nursery Farm-Sarah Taylor Art