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Ben the Labradoodle Framed Canvas

From £135.00 - £299.00

Labrador Framed Canvas

From £135.00 - £299.00

Bichon Frise Framed Canvas

From £135.00 - £299.00

English Pointer Framed Canvas

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Working Cocker Framed Canvas

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Border Collie Framed Canvas

From £135.00 - £299.00

Boxer Framed Canvas

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Mr Bojangles Framed Canvas

From £135.00 - £325.00

Ben the Labradoodle Canvas

From £125.00 - £249.00

Labrador Canvas

From £125.00 - £249.00

Irish Setter Canvas

From £125.00 - £249.00

Springer 2 Canvas

From £125.00 - £249.00

Working Cocker Canvas

From £125.00 - £249.00

Border Collie Canvas

From £125.00 - £249.00

Labradoodle Canvas

From £125.00 - £249.00

When it comes to painting animals, it's obvious by the requests that I get that the old adage is true; dog really is a man's (or woman's) best friend.  Dog portraits are a popular art choice with animal lovers, and so I offer two options to suit our canine-loving clients.  Choose from one of the various dog portraits above (because let's be honest, Honey the red setter doesn't have to be yours for you to adore her soft eyes gazing from the painting on your wall) or  check out the info on my Commissions page here!

The family pet is an animal we have the opportunity to love more than most, so immortalising your beloved canine in a pet portrait makes for the best keepsake or gift.  All you need to do is to send me reference photos of your pet and I can create your own special custom dog portraits, capturing the personality and demeanour of your dogs.

Here's what one happy customer had to say about his commissioned dog portraits:

'The commission process was very easy, and I liked the way that Sarah sent us images of the painting at different stages so I was able to watch the unique features of the dogs develop. My wife and I are very, very pleased with the end result. Thank you so much!'

Alternatively, as with all the animal art that Sarah produces, you can just choose any of the prints online.  Using a combination of vibrant colours and as much realism as possible, it's easy to believe that any of these perfect pups are guarding you and your home...even from the canvas!

Shop all of our fantastic dog portraits here!

For more details on how to arrange customised dog portraits of your pooches, please visit our Commissions page, or contact Sarah directly.  For more reviews of Sarah's customised work, please follow her on social media.

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364 reviews
Gordon Framed Canvas
Caroline Glass

Originally saw Gordon in a restaurant in Suffolk and it immediately made a huge impression. I Contacted the restaurant when I returned to Dorset and spoke to a very helpful member of staff who made several phone calls to get the artists name and contract details. We Purchased Gordon on Canvas for our lounge and couldn’t be happier. The colours are amazing and black frame sets it off. Delivery was very quick. Sarah answered my emails extremely quickly.
Sarah website shows all her remarkable prints which makes choosing very difficult.
If you make a purchase you will not be disappointed
Thank you Sarah


Beautiful piece of art, I absolutely love it! Great quality and service!

Labradoodle picture

I bought this picture for my brother in law who had a special big birthday. The picture looks just like his beloved labradoodle and we had struggled to think of what to buy for a man of 70 who wants for nothing. Saw this and knew straight away it was perfect and thankfully he loved it too and also saw the resemblance of his beloved Barney. Thank you Sarah for creating such wonderful piece of lovely vibrant art.

Ben the Labradoodle

We commissioned a picture of Ben from Sarah and were absolutely thrilled with the result. We then bought a print for my office.
Thank you so much Sarah. I would definitely recommend her art work.

Cyril the Squirrel Canvas
Roslyn Robertson

I’ve been looking for a colourful canvas for a while and Cyril is just perfect. Very eye catching and cute and I’m ready to treat myself to another one from the fox collection.