Sarah specialises in commissions, creating one off special pieces for her customers. Everything is planned to suit your needs and budget; size and shape to fit your wall space, colour palette to suit your tastes, and any subject you'd love turn into unique lasting memory.
The simple process allows you to commission a painting from a photo; animals and family pets are very popular. Sarah's unique style of painting immortalises any animal photo into a stunning work of art, or transforms your average school photo into a portrait to cherish forever.


 Commission a painting by Sarah Taylor   


How it works:
  1. Find reference photos for Sarah to work from. Whatever the subject, these need to be in focus and clear, with the subject in close-up rather than full height. So the face needs to be large, and the eyes nice and clear.
  2. Contact Sarah; say Hi, and explain what you were thinking of. This is NO – OBLIGATION contact
  3. Sarah will discuss your options and make suggestions for you to get the most out of your special commission.
  4. If you decide to go ahead with your own special custom painting, then Sarah will take a 50% deposit, and schedule your painting in the studio.
  5. As Sarah starts the painting she will confirm the composition over email and get cracking. She will send you regular updates as the painting progresses.
  6. Once the painting is finished, Sarah will send you the final photo along with a request for the final payment which will include shipping costs if you are unable to collect.
  7. When payment is cleared, Sarah will ship the painting with a courier service.


 commission a painting Sarah Taylor


      Commission options - 1 subject on a painting:
          1. 60 - The most popular option is my 60 cm painting which is the same size, format and price as the majority of my original paintings. It is the optimum size for subject detail and allows enough space for some good splashes and pattern. The painting is on a specially prepared board and framed in a contemporary black frame. - £1200
          2. 40 - If you’re stuck for space, the smaller option is my 40 cm painting which is also painted on board, and displayed in a contemporary floating frame. The subject will take up more of the space, with a little less detail and pattern. But it will still look awesome! - £800
          3. 100 - “The Biggie” 1 metre square painting – this is a cracker! If you want to really make a statement, this sexy beast is what you need! This format gives us plenty of space for some serious splashing, and ultra-detailing work. It will blow your socks off! This beauty is painted on a chunky board canvas so no need to frame - £2000 (However framing is available if you wish!)
          4. Custom shapes are also available – if you have a particular place in mind that would suit a different shape painting, then contact Sarah and she will be able to provide a personal quote. 
      All prices are exclusive of shipping, which is calculated at cost price once the painting is fully protected and wrapped.
        Got an idea for a commission? Click here to contact Sarah and tell her what you're thinking about. She's here to help, there's no obligation! 


            1. Can I have more than one subject on a painting?
              Generally Sarah would always keep 1 subject per painting unless there is enough space between them to isolate each within the image. Having more than one subject per painting doubles the work, so the price will increase accordingly. We would always recommend creating a set of paintings if you have 2 or more subjects. Please contact Sarah for a personal quote.
            2. Can I choose the colours?
              Yes, Sarah will discuss colours with you when you’re going through details – if there are any colours you don’t want Sarah to use you can let her know too! It’s a good idea to have a look at some of the colour schemes in Sarah’s paintings and see which you like best.
            3. What sizes are available?
              It is possible to have any size painting to fit your space, but the minimum size is 40 cm square, as below that doesn’t give enough space for Sarah to work.
            4. How long does it take?
              The actual painting time is usually about a 2 weeks (depending on size) but it can take a month or 2 to fit your commission into Sarah’s schedule. If you need the painting for a specific date, Sarah will do her utmost to meet your deadline, but give her as much help, by booking in as early as possible.
            5. How much is delivery?
              Delivery charges are calculated at cost after the painting has been protected and parceled up. It is usually between £50-£100 depending on size and location.
            6. Can I duplicate my painting?
              Copyright of the painting always remains with the artist; this means you own the physical painting but not the rights to the image. The artist is free to make prints from any commissioned work.
        Got any more questions? contact Sarah now!
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