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Welcome to Sarah’s online store; home to colourful animal paintings made with passion and bursting with personality. Celebrating all our magnificent creatures; these bold and vibrant artworks make a wonderful statement piece for your special place, and bring the finishing touch to your home.

Sarah’s animal paintings are a culmination of her love of all wildlife and her talent for lively, brilliant visual art. Her unique style of ink-blown boldness delicately balanced with neat geometric lines has attracted worldwide recognition, with her art gracing galleries and decorating homes across Europe and beyond. However, her heart (and art) is based around the British wildlife of Cumbria. Learn more about Sarah here.


Robbie Dazzler Framed Print

From £99.00 - £165.00

Grace Framed Print

From £99.00 - £165.00

Basil the Blue Tit Framed Print

From £99.00 - £165.00

Goldie Framed Print

From £99.00 - £165.00

Prudence Framed Print

From £99.00 - £165.00

Barnaby Framed Print

From £99.00 - £165.00

Queen Bee Framed Canvas

From £135.00 - £325.00

Great Aunt Barbara Canvas

From £125.00 - £249.00

Whether you’re looking for a highland cow canvas for your dining area, a stag painting for your living room, or one of the cheeky fox prints to brighten a neutral space, you’re in the right place. Sarah’s unique blend of colourful splashes and intricate geometric patterns intertwine beautifully to create eye-catching animal paintings that make you smile. Whether you're a birdwatcher, bee enthusiast, passionate about pandas or Zeus, King of Goats has caught your eye, one of Sarah's vivid and vivacious animal paintings is sure to transform your entire room.


I’m so excited to introduce these framed canvases; the closest thing to an original painting in terms of presentation and quality. The canvas nestles perfectly within a contemporary black frame, with a small 5mm gap to create a floating border.  Canine thoughts aside, it’s pretty safe to say these framed canvases are the dogs b*@~*ks!

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Maggie likes a dance, but she loves to sing even more. On a bleak grey afternoon in the thick low cloud; the kind that sticks to your coat, Maggie is often heard calling. Her warm up exercises often scare away potential audiences, but if you stick around you’ll hear the... Read More

Working alongside fine art printers and specialist picture framers, all of Sarah's fine art prints and canvases are made with fine-tuned craftsmanship to ensure the best quality wall art for your home. Take a look at the newest animal paintings that have been added to Sarah's collection...perhaps there's a character that you've not met yet that is ready to live in your home?

Got a bit of a thing for garden birds? Looking for personalised dog paintings? Searching for an eye-catching canvas print or a high-quality custom painting? Sarah's animal paintings come in carefully curated collections, allowing you to browse the animal group and print medium that best suits your requirements.