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A bit about your artist:

Sarah Taylor is a contemporary wildlife artist based on the western coast of the English Lake District. Her distinctive graphic style plays with the juxtaposition of geometric pattern and fluid marks, to create an engaging and lively painting that still retains a sense of realism.  

Sarah has a degree in photography from Nottingham Trent University and is clearly heavily influenced by her earlier career as a graphic designer and illustrator. Sarah exhibits in galleries around Cumbria and southern Scotland, and has work in private collections in Europe, Australasia and the United States. 

A message from Sarah:

"What I also know is I LOVE painting animals for people who love animals." 

I am really excited about starting on your piece, as I am with every commission and it's because I never fail to be blown away by how people connect to my paintings. Because of this I am quite at ease that there is no deep meaning behind my work. Bold, contemporary paintings for unapologetic animal lovers. I am more than happy with that!

What is it with the intense colours then? - You know what, I have tried a few times to use a more muted palette. I really do enjoy the occasional muted painting, but every single time without fail, some brightness just cannot help escaping onto the images, and before I realise what I’m doing the violent pinks and oranges are back with a vengeance.