When I sat down to talk to Leonard about his portrait, the first thing he said to me was “The only one who calls me Leonard is my Mum, all my friends call me Rory”.

When I enquired after the origins of his nickname, he took a deep breath in through his nose, plumped up his chest and let out the most ferocious loud ROOAAARRRRR I have every had the pleasure to experience. My skin fizzed with electricity, my hair stood on end, my mind cleared, I felt completely grounded and in those 30-40 seconds I understood everything.  

Rory is the vocal coach for his pride, and holds daily coaching sessions with the younger members to encourage group cohesion and communication. When I turned round, they had all come running to listen to the master.

Available as a framed or unframed fine art print, a bold canvas or top of the range framed canvas that will blow your socks off!



Rory the lion Framed Print

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Rory the lion Framed Canvas

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Rory the lion Canvas

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Rory Fine Art Print

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