Seal Of Approval - Canvas

This beautiful seal may maintain a look of being cool and collected, but it doesn't mean that she hasn't had a flurry of visitors today, all hoping to be approved.

The Seal of Approval lounges nonchalantly on the rocks in the bay. She is lapping up the last few rays of the evening sun as another day comes to an end. She has had an extremely busy day approving, but Ive learned over the last few weeks that as long as you are kind and generous and compassionate she will be more than happy. The seal of Approval; making the world a better place, one approval at a time.

      • Contemporary seal canvas
      • Chunky 38mm premium canvas
      • Professional fine-art canvas printing
      • Perfect colour reproduction
      • Free shipping on all canvases
      • Money-back guarantee

    Available in 3 sizes:
    Original - 24/61 cmجâجâ Super - 30/76 cm Whopper - 40/101 cm

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    Seal of approval

    Really pleased withe the canvas, it’s a birthday present for my youngest daughter, she is going to love it.