Elvis The Stag - Canvas

Stags stand tall and proud with an air of great knowledge, but even the most majestic of stags would like you to know they are actually quite humble folk.

Elvis has a guilty pleasure; he cannot resist a Custard Cream. Other snacks come and go, but as long as he has his morning coffee with a few custard creams to dunk hes as happy as Larry. Larry, on the other hand, was happier before Elvis started taking more than his fair share of Custard Creams, but they are good friends and every now and then Elvis manages to secure them some chocolate hobnobs, and that more than makes up for it in Larry's eyes.

      • Contemporary stag canvas
      • Chunky 38mm premium canvas
      • Professional fine-art canvas printing
      • Perfect colour reproduction
      • Free shipping on all canvases
      • Money-back guarantee

    Available in 3 sizes:
    Original - 24/61 cm Super - 30/76 cm Whopper - 40/101 cm

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    Beautiful Pictures, Perfect Service

    Elvis canvas

    Really lovely canvas; beautiful vibrant colours. Nice to get the right hook included as well to allow it to sit flush against the wall. Very pleased.