Agatha the Highland Cow

“There’s something in my hair!” shouts Agatha in a panic. She starts to frantically shake her head. “Ewww help! there’s something in my hair, I can feel it!” I try to bring some calm “Let me have a look for you” But Agatha can’t stop flinging herself around. “Aaaaaahhhhhh there’s something there!!”
“Ok” I say, “let me have a look for you” and I stroke her head and she begins to ease up. I run my hands through her hair which is easier said than done(!) I can’t find anything out of the ordinary. A few old brambles stuck to her undercarriage, which I pull out. “This is all I can find Agatha” but she is adamant there is something else “I can feel it moving!”  I try again, up around the back of her head. I part a particularly thick patch of knotty hair and find 4 little dizzy faces looking up at me.
“Aww It’s a nest of bluetits Agatha! Mummy, daddy and 2 babies”

I leave them to it now, she likes bluetits. They’ve come to an arrangement; the bluetits agree to keep her free of midges and bugs in return for their cosy lodgings. Agatha agrees to keep them warm and cool, and not to fling them around too much, even when she feels like a dance.


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