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Gloria and Gladys, the Kune Kune pigs of Brixworth Nursery Farm

Gloria and Gladys, the Kune Kune pigs of Brixworth Nursery Farm-Sarah Taylor Art
“Gloria and Gladys were sisters who joined the Brixworth Nursery Farm menagerie when they were 6 weeks old. Only little piggies at that time!

Gloria and Gladys are Kune Kune pigs who were the best of friends and the best of sisters. They both loved their food and also enjoyed lots of fuss. They made friends with the pygmy goats who lived in the pen next door and the goats loved to chomp on their ears. Gloria and Gladys loved to wallow in the mud and enjoyed hose pipe showers in the summer. Gloria is the bossy older sister and Gladys followed her everywhere she went. They loved snuggling up together.

Sadly Gladys passed away last Christmas suddenly in her sleep.  This made Gloria very sad and left her totally heartbroken. She still loved her little pygmy goat friends but it wasn't the same without her best buddy Gladys.

Brixworth Nursery Farm came across a lovely lady called Jane, who runs a pig sanctuary (Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary) www.curlytails.org in Milton Keynes for rescued pigs.
Brixworth Nursery Farm told Jane how Gloria was missing her sister and Jane very kindly offered her a home at Curly Tails where she could be with other pigs and find happiness again with her own kind.

Although Brixworth Nursery Farm loved Gloria very much, they knew she was lonely without her sister so they made the decision to let Gloria move to Curly Tails where she could live her best life in the most wonderful environment with other pigs.

Gloria is now having the best of times at Curly Tails pig sanctuary and loves her life with all of the other pigs and enjoys meeting lots of new people, who feed her doughnuts which she didn't get at Brixworth Nursery farm :) Jane and the Crew at Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary have given Gloria a new lease of life and she is very happy.

The clients from Brixworth Nursery Farm visit Gloria at the Sanctuary and they did a sponsored walk for her in the summer raising £1600 for the Curly Tails Pig charity.”
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