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4 Vibrantly Colourful Dog Paintings to Share with Pet Owners

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I’m delighted to introduce you to some of my very favourite dog paintings that I have had the pleasure of creating over the years.

Each piece of wall art captures the unique personality and cheeky spirit of our beloved canine companions. Whether you're looking for a cheerful addition to your wall art collection or just some eye-catching animal artwork to brighten up your day, these dog portraits are sure to bring a smile to your face.

1. Mabel the Cockapoo Queen

Meet Mabel, the Cockapoo Queen! She's so happy to be here she can't stop singing and dancing around the kitchen. Though, in fairness, this is because her two favourite things happen in the kitchen—F.O.O.D. and the door to Walkies. But today, the dancing is more enthusiastic than usual. She did her hair specially as she's going to get her crown and walk through the town while her adoring public gaze at her lovingly. This is the best thing ever!

Mabel the Cockapoo Queen is a burst of joy and energy, making it a perfect piece of animal art for any dog lover's wall. The vibrant colours and playful expression capture the essence of this happy pup.

2. Edward the Yorkie

Edward the Yorkie is a tiny dog with a big personality. This pint-sized prince loves being the centre of attention and has a knack for making everyone around him smile. His dog portrait is a celebration of his lively spirit and undeniable charm.
You can see Edward's confident stance and expressive eyes in his fantastic portrait. The bold colours and intricate details make this dog painting a standout piece of animal artwork.

3. Ollie the Border Collie

Ollie the Border Collie is always on the move, whether he's herding sheep or playing fetch in the yard. His boundless energy and keen intelligence are captured perfectly in this vibrant dog painting.
For his pet portrait I used a mix of dynamic colours and lifelike details that bring this hardworking pup to life. It's a must-have for any fan of this remarkable breed.

4. Troy the Vizsla

Troy the Vizsla is a loyal companion with a heart of gold. His gentle nature and soulful eyes make him a much loved member of the family. Troy’s pet portrait highlights his elegant form and warm personality. It's an ideal piece of wall art for any Vizsla enthusiast.

Which Dog Painting is Your Favourite?

These colourful dog paintings are more than just unique pieces of animal artwork; they are celebrations of the special bond we share with our much loved pets. In each dog portrait that I have painted I have tried to capture the true essence of their little personalities, making them come to life.

If you would like to add any one of these vibrant dog paintings to your collection or simply want to explore more animal art, please take a look at my website.

Happy viewing!

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