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Nanny Goat Bluff Framed Canvas

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Nanny never gets caught out when trip trapping over bridges, she can bluff her way out of any situation. Her most extravagant story to date involved a pair of pink wellington boots, 3 french hens and a dozen pieces of chocolate. The troll was so confused that he left the farm forever, and never bothered the 3 goats ever again. Nanny never accepts payment for helping others, but will never say no to a nice juicy carrot.

It’s not often I bring part of an animal’s anatomy into a description, but I can honestly say these framed canvases are the dog’s b@//*#ks! - they are absolutely stunning; the nearest thing I can offer to an original painting. The top-quality canvas nestles perfectly within this contemporary black frame, with a small 5mm gap to create a floating border. I honestly couldn’t be happier with them!

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Customer Reviews

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Our second red squirrel print and a fantastic addition to our home. Proudly mounted in the bedroom which overlooks our garden, that is regularly visited by our village red squirrels. Very pleased.


Very cheerful and brightens up our spare bedroom, which overlooks a farm.


Thank you for great service. Great piece of artwork

Absolutely love my two stag canvases I have recently purchased. They look fantastic in my living room..
I will be ordering next either the Bee or the Peacock to go in my kitchen once I’ve made my mind up.

Bought the painting as a present. I was really pleased with the vibrancy of the colours and the way it captures the personality of our pheasant visitors. A lovely painting and great customer service.