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Nanny Goat Bluff Framed Canvas

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Nanny never gets caught out when trip trapping over bridges, she can bluff her way out of any situation. Her most extravagant story to date involved a pair of pink wellington boots, 3 french hens and a dozen pieces of chocolate. The troll was so confused that he left the farm forever, and never bothered the 3 goats ever again. Nanny never accepts payment for helping others, but will never say no to a nice juicy carrot.

It’s not often I bring part of an animal’s anatomy into a description, but I can honestly say these framed canvases are the dog’s b@//*#ks! - they are absolutely stunning; the nearest thing I can offer to an original painting. The top-quality canvas nestles perfectly within this contemporary black frame, with a small 5mm gap to create a floating border. I honestly couldn’t be happier with them!

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