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Goldie Framed Canvas

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There’s an excited chatter spreading along the hedgerow; the word is out there are some new seeds at number 70. The wave of fluttering swooping birds swells up and down as Goldie and her gang gather momentum along the top of the hedge that leads up behind the feeder. GET – IN, not only are they the first to arrive, but they didn’t have to contend with those raucous starlings this time.

It’s not often I bring part of an animal’s anatomy into a description, but I can honestly say these framed canvases are the dog’s b@//*#ks! - they are absolutely stunning; the nearest thing I can offer to an original painting. The top-quality canvas nestles perfectly within this contemporary black frame, with a small 5mm gap to create a floating border. I honestly couldn’t be happier with them!

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