Benedict - Canvas

Although most stags have impressive antlers, this particular one has antlers that leave the whole of the herd in awe each time he walks past.

Benedict Nevis (Ben for short) grew up on the estate in the Highlands, he has risen through the ranks without really trying, and today finds himself on the top spot; the number one stag, village elder of the herd. It was never his aim to take the crown, his monumental antlers seem to have done all the work for him. They just keep on growing and getting more magnificent by the day, they are also very useful for hanging out the clothes on wash day.

      • Contemporary Stag canvas
      • Chunky 38mm premium canvas
      • Professional fine-art canvas printing
      • Perfect colour reproduction
      • Free shipping on all canvases
      • Money-back guarantee

    Available in 3 sizes:
    Original - 24/61 cm Super - 30/76 cm Whopper - 40/101 cm

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