Custom painting options

  1. 60 - The most popular option is the 60 cm painting which is the same size, format and price as the majority of Sarah's original paintings. It is the optimum size for subject detail and allows enough space for some good splashes and pattern. The painting is on a specially prepared board and framed in a contemporary floating frame. - £2200 

  2.  100 - “The Biggie” 1-metre square painting – this is a cracker! If you want to really make a statement, this sexy beast is what you need! This format gives us plenty of space for some serious splashing and ultra-detailing work. It will blow your socks off! This beauty is painted on a chunky canvas board so no need to frame - £3500  Currently UK only 

2 or more dogs? I only paint one character  per painting as each animal deserves their own space. Although I realise some of you would prefer 2 doggies on one painting, I have learned that it just doesn't work with my technique and style so no longer offer this option. I prefer to give each one my full attention and capture their unique character without them fighting for attention. 

All prices include free UK delivery. * NB 100cm only available within the UK mainland.