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Hello, art lovers and fellow animal enthusiasts! I'm Sarah Taylor, animal artist, and I’m excited to welcome you to my blog. Here, you'll find a blend of creativity, passion, and a sprinkling of fun!

If you've stumbled upon this post, you're likely eager to learn more about me, my animal art, and how you can win some fabulous wall art to brighten up your home.
So, grab a cup of coffee (or a gin and tonic if it’s that time), and let’s dive in!

About Me: Sarah Taylor

First things first, my story. I’m Sarah Taylor, and I’ve been painting animals for my unique animal artwork for nearly a decade now. My passion lies in bringing these beautiful creatures to life on canvas through a unique blend of hand-painted geometric patterns and fluid paint splashes. My animal art is all about freedom, adventure, and energy. I paint from my studio in the stunning Lake District, and my work has found homes as far away as New Zealand, Hong Kong, and the USA.

Each piece of animal art that I create is crafted with care and high attention to detail to make sure that it not only captures the true personality of the animal but also resonates with those who see it. My goal is to help you find that perfect piece of animal artwork that matches your personality and brings joy to your space.

The Magic Ingredients in My Animal Wall Art

1. Attention to Detail
I take my time with each animal wall artwork piece, building up layers to create a lifelike representation. Whether it’s a majestic leopard or a playful panda, I ensure every detail is just right.

2. The Eyes
It’s all in the eyes. I’m absolutely obsessed with painting the eyes because that’s where we connect with the soul of the animal. It’s my favourite part and where I spend the most time, perfecting the character and bringing the subject to life.

3. Splash & Blow
The splashes are my disruptors. They mix things up and can change the flow of an animal painting in seconds. I love letting go of control, blowing the paint, and then reacting to what happens.

4. A Blast of Colour
I can’t help playing with bright colour combinations and splashes of neon. Making adventurous colour choices in my animal art and making them work is a fine balance, but it’s a skill that I think makes the painting jump off the wall.

5. Geometric Wizardry
The geometric patterns are all painted by hand and evolve with the wall art as I create it. They often bring the painting together, adding that final special touch.

Intrinsic Energy

Being an artist is about finding your own style and immersing yourself in the artwork. I don’t try to copy anyone else’s style; I paint from my own instincts and energy to create my animal wall art, allowing the artwork to flow naturally.

Win £85 Worth of Animal Wall Art: Our Fabulous Competition

Now, for the exciting part! I’m giving away £85 worth of my animal wall art to one lucky winner every month. It’s easy to enter—simply sign up for our newsletter, and you’ll be automatically entered into the draw. Each month, a new winner will be picked, giving you multiple chances to win a piece of my animal artwork!

How to Enter

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  • Final Thoughts

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to get to know me and my art. I’m passionate about creating pieces of animal wall art that bring joy and personality to your space. Whether you adore animals, love art, or just want to find that perfect piece for your home, I hope my work connects with you.

Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for a chance to win £85 worth of wall art. Who knows, you might just find your new favourite animal painting to brighten up your space!

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