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Vibrant New Dog Artwork by Sarah Taylor (Lola, Snorri and Geoffrey)

Pet Portraits

In this blog post I am excited to share with you the palette of vibrant colours and strokes behind my wall art studio, and delve into my work on three delightful dog paintings; some of the newest additions to my dog portrait collection.

These pieces that help to make up my dog portrait collection are not just about expressions on canvas but about the connection between us and the loyal companions that wag their way into our lives.

I would like to welcome you to the wall art canine gallery that immortalises Lola the German Pointer, Snorri the Norwegian Elk Hound, and Geoffrey the Cockapoo – three lively dogs whose personalities shine bright off the canvas.

Sarah Taylor's Unique Artistic Journey

I am inspired by the playfulness of life and the irreplaceable joy animals bring. To create my one of a kind dog portraits I use my unique tried and tested technique of hand painting geometric patterns intertwined with colourful splashes of vibrant colour to really encapsulate the dog’s personality.

The Dog Portraits of Lola, Snorri, and Geoffrey

Now I can’t go any further without properly introducing you to each of the playful pups that I had the pleasure of painting!


  • LOLAFirstly, I’d like you to meet Lola, the regal German Pointer, she beams with a kind of loyalty that is palpable. She’s dressed in vibrant pinks and oranges amidst bold lines, her dog portrait really is the statement piece in any room, just as Lola was in her family, true royalty.
  • SNORRI: Now moving on to Snorri, the beautiful Norwegian Elk Hound. When creating her dog portrait I chose to use vibrant hues to capture her in, thoughtfully chosen to convey her vivacious personality. There, in Snorri’s gaze, is the wisdom that comes from centuries-old breeds, a guardian of not just his home but a symbol of our collective connection to nature’s patterns.
  • GEOFFREY: And last but not least, Geoffrey, the jovial Cockapoo with an effervescent energy. The colours in this dog portrait bounce off the wall art canvas - just as he would if he was in the room!

Engaging with the Art of Connection

For many dog lovers, these pet portraits are interactive pieces because they truly make you smile everyday. Its my intention to evoke memories and create new stories. The unspoken tales that these dogs carry with them – tales of laps and loyalty, trails and tales – are seamlessly tangled with each paint splatter and contour.

My contemporary dog paintings and dog wall art don't serve just the aesthetic purpose; they create a haven, a place of recognition for the love shared between human and hound. I want my dog wall art to immediately engage you as you enter a room and brighten your day always, just as these dogs would in real-life!

Discover Dog Portraits In Store

If you would like to take a closer look at the dog portraits of Lola the German Pointer, Geoffrey the Cockapoo or Snorri the Norwegian Elk Hound, then please view my dog painting collection by clicking here, you won’t regret it!

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