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Top 5 Cute Animal Art Prints That Will Make You Smile

Animal Portaits

Transforming your living space with wall art is not just about filling a wall or shelf; it's about creating an environment that lifts your spirit, one that helps you escape mundane life. And what better way to do this, than with a timeless adorable animal art print!

Prepare for a visual feast of the cutest companions for your home decor. These animal art prints not only capture the heart-warming charm of each character but also reflect my passion behind each striking piece.

Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply a lover of all things cute, here are my top 5 animal art prints that promise to bring a smile to your face.



1. Cute Koala: Kylie Koala

Meet Kylie Wylie Koala, who has found her haven in a favourite tree just beyond my cousin's backyard in Melbourne. Most days, you'll find her leisurely nibbling on eucalyptus leaves, enjoying 40 or 50 winks, and patiently awaiting the arrival of afternoon tea.

Inject a splash of vibrant colour into your living space with my striking animal print canvases. Crafted using a giclée fine art printing process and hand-finished by skilled canvas artisans, these top-quality wall art prints are designed to make a statement in your home. It’s a kaleidoscopic dream, where colours play hide-and-seek on the soft, furry cheeks of this charming marsupial.

This is not just an animal art print; it's a snapshot of bliss, a true-to-life capture of this tree-hugging cutie with eyes that twinkle like the stars above the Australian bush.

Koala wall art modern colourful animal art

Artwork Features


The detail is in the brushstrokes - as this wall art painting conveys the koala's soft, cuddly fur and the enigmatic expression in its eyes.


Why it Will Make You Smile


You can practically feel the Koala's calm disposition emanating from the animal print. It's the perfect remedy for a stressful day or a sparsely decorated corner in need of a soul-stirring presence.




2. Picture Perfect Pigs: Kune Kune Gloria

Dive heart first into the magical realm of "Kune Kune Gloria", where our diva pig, Gloria, rightfully claims the spotlight. Packed with a bold charisma, Gloria owns every inch of her personality and her stage.

This fantastic piece of wall art vibrates with a vivid sense of life—capture a glimpse, there’s Gloria, the regal porcine, casting wry looks at those unruly goats that dare invade her muddy sanctuary. And the gall of those chickens, trespassing upon her morning feast as if it's mere pecking ground!
Not just a piece of wall art, but a slice of whimsical pastoral life, masterfully interwoven into the very fabric of your home.

This isn't just a painting; it's a bold symphony of colour that sings to your soul.


pig wall art modern art colourful animal wallart

Artwork Features


With every glance, you'll find a new swirl of colour, a fresh heartfelt emotion playing across this porcine muse's expression. It's a vibrant, living piece of wall art that invigorates any room!

Why it Will Make You Smile

There's an honesty in those big, round eyes that cuts right through the noise of the world, a purity that resonates with the part of you that knows true companionship. This pig, with its splendorous splashes, turns the mere concept of art on its curly little tail and enchants you with a friendship that never fades. Just try resisting a smile with this whimsical little fellow in your home!




3. Seal of Approval: The Playful Performers

Seals embody a unique duality—graceful in the water, comical on land. My 'Seal of Approval' animal print encapsulates this versatility, offering a touch of aquatic delight to your interiors.


seal wall art animal wall art

Artwork Features


Oh, the "Seal of Approval" isn't just any seaside lounger, my friends! Let's talk about these animal prints, shall we? They're not just any old wall art prints; they're splashes of vibrant colour that will brighten both your home and your soul. The playful dynamics between seals are a delight.

Why it Will Make You Smile

The innocence and child-like wonder of seals are bound to ignite a spark of curiosity within you. This painting is like a quiet tap on the shoulder, beckoning you to appreciate the joy in simple moments - much like the seals do in their aquatic acrobatics.




4. Brilliant Bears: Dorian


Prepare to be wrapped in the warmth of a sun-soaked bear hug with our "Brilliant Bears: Dorian" animal wallart masterpiece! There's Dorian, our Alaskan hero, the pride of the wilderness, basking in the afterglow of a salmon feast, won by the swift swish of his mighty paw.


bear wall art animal wall art paintings

Artwork Features


Capture the vibrant spirit of wildlife with my lifelike bear wall art print. True to life yet adorned with playful splashes of colour, this piece brings a burst of energy to any space, seamlessly blending modern realism with artistic flair.

Why it Will Make You Smile

There's a sense of security and belonging that radiates from this print, making it an ideal wall art for living room or study—an inspiration for all those who march through their days with bear-like tenacity, yet retain a heart of gold.




5. Harmonious Hares: Barnaby the Hare

Introducing a joyful wall art piece featuring a cheerful hopping hare with iconic ears and vibrant colours! Meet charismatic Barnaby, a distinguished figure who requires no formal introduction—indeed, he is the epitome of hare style and finesse, the prince admired by all.
These animal prints are nothing short of stunning; the closest thing I can offer to an original painting.

countryside wall art

Artwork Features

This animal wall art print is a painter's dream, combining earth tones and vibrant bursts of blue hues to bring this countryside Hare to life. Barnaby’s playful and curious nature is captured in time by this painting and fully expressed in his beautiful big ears!

Why it Will Make You Smile

Barnaby's roguish charm and irresistibly good looks have a captivating effect, setting hearts ablaze. Gaze into his eyes, and you'll feel yourself melt.

Wall art has the power to transform not just the look, but also the feel of your home. So the next time you're pondering a décor refresh, consider the story and emotion that each piece of wall art you bring into your home.

As you explore my collection of animal art prints, allow these top 5 selections to guide you on a journey of joy and appreciation, painting not just your walls, but your heart as well.

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