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The Vibrant World of Colour in Animal Art

Animal Artwork | Animal Portrait | Sarah Taylor Art

Welcome to my corner of creativity and colour on the web! I'm Sarah Taylor, an artist deeply passionate about bringing the natural world into your home through my animal artwork. My canvas is a celebration of animal life, expressed through a kaleidoscope of colours that aim to bring joy and brighten your spaces.

Today, I want to explore the profound impact that colour in animal art can have on us - mentally, emotionally, and aesthetically. From the serene blues that calm the mind to the radiant yellows that spark joy, each hue in my animal artwork has a purpose, telling a story and evoking emotions that transcend the visual experience.

The Mental Health Benefits of Colour in Animal Art

The psychological effects of colour have been studied and documented for centuries, revealing that different colours can significantly impact our mood, feelings, and even behaviour. In my artistic practice, I use these powers of colour to bring my animal artwork pieces to life.

Yellow Art: A Burst of Joy and Optimism

Yellow, the colour of sunshine, naturally evokes feelings of happiness and warmth. In my animal art, yellow highlights often accompany dog paintings like Mabel the Cockapoo, intending to bring a smile to your face every time you pass by her in your living space.

Red Art: The Warmth of Passion and Vitality

Red, a colour that pulses with life and vigour, brings an element of passion to my animal art work pieces. It's a colour that demands attention and stimulates the senses. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, choosing a piece of predominantly red animal art is a great way to go.


Blue Art: Serenity and Calm in Every Stroke

Blue, the colour of the sky and sea, offers a counterbalance with its calming and soothing effects. When surrounding the majestic beings in my animal paintings, it creates a peaceful oasis in your home, inviting you to take a moment of relaxation and reflection.

The Brilliance of Colourful Animal Artwork in a Baby's Room

Introducing art into a baby's room is not just about adding visual interest. It's about stimulating their developing senses and instilling an early appreciation for beauty and creativity. The colours and figures in my animal portraits can be both soothing and engaging for little ones, with the potential to spark their imagination and curiosity about the natural world.

My Top 3 Colourful Animal Art Pieces

1. Agatha the Highland Cow
This stunning animal art canvas print of Agatha brings a splash of colour and character to any room. Agatha is a contemporary piece that promises not just to decorate a space but to infuse it with life and vibrancy.

2. Dylan the Peacock Framed Art Print
Dylan, the peacock, symbolises beauty and the joy of self-expression. Presented in museum-quality fine wall art prints and framed in handmade, solid wood with a satin finish, Dylan is ready to dazzle and brighten your living area with his colourful presence.

3. Simone the Leopard Framed Circle Print
Simone brings a unique blend of strength and musical grace to any setting. Her frame, a simple yet elegant black satin finish, complements the balanced shape of the circle print, turning her into not just a piece of wall art, but a portal into a story-rich and colour-filled world.

The world of animal art is not just about capturing the likeness of our furry, feathery, and scaly friends. It's about bringing their uplifting personalities into our own lives through colour, texture, and form. My collection of animal artwork, available on my website, spans beyond these three pieces and offers a window into the diverse and richly coloured world of wildlife art, dog portraits, pet portraits, and nature art - They are all just waiting to find a place in your heart and home.

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