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The Splendor of Animal Art on Your Walls: My Top 10 Prints

Animal Wall Art

There’s something about my animal artwork that captures the essence of life - animals have a timeless beauty, their unspoken wisdom, and their ability to touch our hearts in a way that often defies explanation.

Maybe that's why animal art has grasped the imagination of diverse audiences around the world. If you, like me, find solace and joy in the creatures that share our planet, adorning your walls with their colourful and symbolic artwork is the perfect way to create a sanctuary within your home.

My wall art style is both bold and contemporary, with hand-drawn geometric patterns and colourful splashes that seek to capture the true beauty and character of the animal.

This unique approach has attracted a community of animal lovers, and I'd like to share with you a countdown to my top 10 most popular animal prints of all time.

10. The Quirky Hedgehog

When translated into wall art, the hedgehog's quiet charisma becomes a focal point of any room, its array of warm browns and earthy tones a natural fit for rustic or minimalist decor schemes.

9. Leaping with Grace - The Hare

A symbol of swiftness and agility, the hare's image resonates with those who value freedom and poise. Adorn your walls with a hare in full stride, and you invite the energy and harmony of the natural world into your living space.

8. The Endearing Koala

The koala isn't just a beloved Australian icon; it’s a global symbol of adorableness. Their soulful eyes and fluffy ears make for an animal portrait that warms the heart and offers a nightly dose of feel-good art in any room adorned by its presence.

7. The Buzzing Bee

The humble bee is a wonder of nature, and its industry serves as a poignant metaphor for the value of diligence and community. A bee painting on your wall is not just a visually captivating piece of wall art, it's a reminder of life's sweet rewards.

6. The Mighty Bear

Whether in the wild or in art, bears command a presence that is both magnificent and comforting. They symbolise strength, solitude, and introspection - an animal art piece featuring a bear will undoubtedly become the conversation starter of the room.


5. The Acrobatic Squirrel

Squirrels are a testament to life's playful nature, with their antics and acrobatics bringing joy to any outdoor scene. Bring that light-heartedness indoors with a squirrel painting, its vivaciousness leaping off the canvas.


4. The Gentle Sheep

Sheep are often associated with tranquillity and pastoral life. A shepherd's loyal companion, their white fleece and peaceful countenance make for soothing wall art, perfect for a reading nook or nursery.

3. The Mellow Cows

Cows have an archetypal presence in the rural landscape, and their contemplative gaze speaks volumes about life's simple pleasures. A highland cow painting echoes an appreciation of peace and home, an ideal choice for any living space.


2. The Majestic Stags & Deer

Stags and deer hold an almost primal association with the forest and with regality. Their noble bearing and the grace of their antlers have symbolised various aspects of life and lineage through history, making them a popular motif in wall art.

1. The Loyal Dogs

And finally, the top spot - the dog. Man's best friend, a dog's warm, welcoming expression and unwavering loyalty make for animal art that feels like a comforting presence. For a space that exudes love and companionship, a dog painting is a must.

My animal artwork prints are not just decorative; they're potent symbols that can shape the ambiance of your home. If you're ready to transform your space into a tribute to the world's majestic creatures, visit my collection of animal portraits to browse the full collection and bring home a piece of the wild. Each purchase comes with the promise of wall art that is not only vibrant and engaging but one that will put a permanent smile on your face.

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