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Rainbow Animal Art: The Most Colourful Animal Prints for Wall Décor

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As an animal artist, when I step into my studio each morning, coffee in hand, I am greeted by a world where a rainbow of colours meet the playful personalities of wildlife. My name is Sarah Taylor, and creating rainbow animal art that captures both the heart of animals and the joy they bring into our lives - has become my life’s work.

For art lovers and animal enthusiasts alike, I am excited to share with you a glimpse into my world of unique, vibrant animal prints for wall décor, nature art, and pet portraits that are designed to brighten your surroundings and lift your spirits.

The Magic Behind Rainbow Animal Art

Each piece of animal art that I create is a celebration of life’s colours and the unique personality of animals. From the noble gaze of a stag to the playful smirk of a dog, I aim to bring out their character through bursts of colour and dynamic brush strokes. This fusion of rainbow hues and animal subjects creates not just a piece of animal wall art, but a gateway to a happy and more colourful world.

Animal prints for wall mounting aren’t just about adding a splash of colour to your walls; it’s about creating an emotional connection. It is about reminding ourselves of the beauty, power, and innocence that wildlife represents.

Spotlight on 3 Colourful Pieces from My Animal Wall Art Collection

1. Dorian the Bear
A standout animal artwork piece in my collection is the animal portrait of "Dorian the Bear,”. Dorian’s gaze is gentle, inviting viewers into a world where nature and colour live in harmony. Strong and beautiful - that’s Dorian.

2. Great Aunt Barbara The Fox
My next vibrant piece of animal art is the portrait of "Great Aunt Barbara The Fox". This striking animal art captivates with its charm and a colour palette that includes fiery oranges, soft whites, and delicate greys. This colourful animal print for wall mounting I think shouts “elegance and wisdom, with a little touch of mischief”, ..embodying the spirit of a fox who has lived a full and vibrant life.

3. Percival Peacock
The dazzling "Percival Peacock" is a testament to the splendour of nature's own artistic palette, featuring an explosion of blues, greens, and yellows that fan out in a display of sheer beauty. Percival's proud stance and the intricate detail of his feathers showcase the majesty and complexity of the animal kingdom, making this piece a true celebration of life and colour.

To explore these and many more pieces of my colourful animal prints for wall mounting, each created with a unique combination of lively colour splashes and hand-drawn geometric patterns, please take a look at my online animal art gallery.

Here you can find stunning animal prints for wall décor, alongside animal phone cases, animal mugs, and animal cushions. Explore a vibrant world where the beauty of wildlife is captured and offers a refreshing and captivating view of the natural world.

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