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Pet portrait from photos; How to photograph your pet in 5 easy steps

Pet portrait from photos; How to photograph your pet in 5 easy steps

If you’re thinking of getting a pet portrait from photos, it’s worth spending the time to get a really great picture. I cannot stress this enough. The better the photo the better the painting will be!

What you’re aiming for is a really clear photo that shows the details in your pet’s face, especially the eyes. Ideally it will be head and shoulders with the animal looking at the camera. Easier said than done hey? But follow these steps to be in with the best chance of getting that perfect shot.
pet portraits from photos labrador
  1. Location
    Find somewhere with natural light and a plain background. ( a plain wall behind is ideal, make sure it’s a different colour to your pet!) If I’m painting your pet portrait from photos, I need to pick them out from the background easily.

    petportraits outdoors

  2. Lighting
    A grey overcast day is ideal for photography as you don’t get the really strong shadows, where details can be lost. If it is sunny, make sure the sun isn’t behind your pet. If shooting indoors because of the weather, then side on to a window is ideal.

    pet portraits

  3. Composition
    We’re looking for head and shoulders, taken at the same height as your pet. Get down to their level and fill your screen with their head and shoulders. The best results for your pet portrait from photos will be with a clear image, so the photo needs to be taken close to the subject rather than zoomed in afterwards as I need to be able to see the details in the eyes.

    pet portraits from photos

  4. Get them to look at you. This is really important for getting the best pet portrait from photos.
    This can certainly be a bit of a challenge, but it is worth persisting! When the photo has them looking at you, the painting will look at you when it’s on the wall in your home! Here’s how you do it: Get in position, hold one of their favourite treats or toys just above the lens of your camera or phone and snap away! Or get someone to help with the treats!

  5. Just keep trying.
    Perseverance will be rewarded, you can capture some amazing photos with a little effort and patience. As I said before , with a pet portrait from photos, the better the image , the better the painting!



If you follow the steps above you should get a brilliant photo, it really is worth taking the time to get the most out of your painting investment. If your pet is no longer with you, you can use these tips to help pick out the best photos. Look for any that tick these boxes.
Here’s a recap for your pet portrait from photos; How to photograph your pet in 5 easy steps

  • Plain background
  • Head and shoulders, taken at their height
  • Taken close in, not zoomed and cropped
  • Details fully visible , especially the eyes.
  • Animal looking at camera Keep the original photo file without editing as this will be the best quality.

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