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Our Gift Guide for Bird Watchers: Perfect Picks from Sarah Taylor Art

Animal Portrait, Wildlife Art

Bird watching: a pastime that makes us slow down, tune in to the natural world, and appreciate the beauty and diversity of avian life. If you're seeking to surprise an art lover, an animal enthusiast, or a bird watcher with a present that inspires joy, you've landed in the right place.

From my studio, a range of vibrant, animal artwork awaits to brighten homes and hearts. Here's my curated list of the top 5 bird themed gifts from Sarah Taylor Art, each one promising to bring a touch of colour into the life of bird lovers.

1. Hoot-a-Nanny Owl Cushion

Nothing says cosy like a plump, vibrant animal cushion featuring one of the wisest denizens of the forest. The Hoot-a-Nanny Owl Cushion brings both comfort and style to any space. Crafted on creamy canvas fabric, this piece beautifully showcases the intricate details of my painting, ensuring that the owl's wise gaze and stunning plumage stand out in any room.

2. Robbie Dazzler Robin Colour Pop Animal Mug

Start your morning with a cheerful note, or unwind during tea time with a mug that's as vibrant as it is durable. The Robbie Dazzler Robin Colour Pop Animal Mug features a delightful robin, enlivened by a bold colour palette. Tested to withstand over 100 dishwasher cycles, this ceramic mug combines longevity with beauty, making every sip a celebration of nature’s splendour.

3. Rocky the Cockatoo Beach Towel

Hit the beach or pool with a statement piece that’s as unique as it is functional. Rocky the Cockatoo Beach Towel isn’t just a towel; it’s a banner of individuality and fun. Combining absorbent cotton and lightweight microfibre, it dries you off efficiently while standing out with its vivid animal portrait of Rocky, making it a must-have for any tropical beach outing.

4. Burberry The Pheasant Canvas

Transform your room into a wildlife gallery with the Burberry The Pheasant Canvas. This luxurious piece of animal art invokes the charm and elegance of the countryside, with the charisma of Burberry - a pheasant with impeccable manners and ambitious goals.

This colourful piece of animal art is housed in a contemporary black frame that accentuates its vibrant colours, this canvas is a testament to the beauty of the natural world and the talent that captures it.

5. Grace the Flying Bird Circle Framed Print

Invite a burst of life and colour into any home with the Grace the Flying Bird Circle Framed Print. This animal artwork piece highlights the vivacious spirit of Grace, a bird with undeniable energy. Enclosed in a sleek, handmade wooden frame, this print is a celebration of avian beauty.

Whether you're adorning your own nest or searching for the perfect gift for a bird watcher in your life, my collection of animal wall art offers endless possibilities.

From dog portraits to wildlife art and nature art, the allure of the animal kingdom is vividly brought to life in each canvas and animal print. Visit my online shop to explore a world where the beauty of art meets the enchantment of nature, and select a gift that truly resonates with the spirit of bird watching.

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