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How To Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Animal Print

Welcome to the world of contemporary artwork and curated animal charm! As an artist passionate about turning homes into colourful and vibrant havens, I'm delighted to share the journey of creating your own gallery wall in your home, with some amazing animal wall art. 



1. Setting The Stage With Wall Art:


The trick to creating a beautiful gallery wall is composing a collection of colours, shapes, and emotions. Begin by selecting a theme that resonates with your soul. Whether it's the enchanting personalities of my animal artwork, the timeless charm of pet portraits, or an amazingly abstract modern art piece, let your chosen theme set the stage for your personalised gallery.


2. The Dynamic Mix Of Wall Prints:

Embracing diversity of wall prints is the key to crafting a visually captivating wall art display. Don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes, orientations, and framing styles to add depth and intrigue to your gallery.
From contemporary, modern art pieces to framed prints showcasing my animal artwork, each element contributes to the rich feast for the eyes on your wall, creating - try to make it an engaging and connected visual story.

3. Finding Harmony In Wall Art Placement:


Consider the layout and placement of your wall art to achieve a balanced arrangement. I recommend you start with a central focal point, perhaps one of my striking dog paintings, and build around it.
Experiment with different arrangements – grids, asymmetry, or even a salon-style layout – until you discover the placement and position that resonates with the energy of your space.

4. Elevating Aesthetics With Framed Prints:

Framed prints are the unsung heroes that elevate the aesthetics of your gallery wall. Choose frames that complement your theme – sleek and modern, rustic and charming, or perhaps a mix of both. It is actually the framing consistency that is important, as it ties together each the diverse images, giving your gallery wall a more polished and cohesive look.

5. Crafting A Colourful Palette:


Colour is the heartbeat of your gallery wall, weaving it all together so that it feels visually pleasing and balanced. Try to establish a cohesive colour palette that resonates with your personal style, if you can. For example, all blues, or all vibrant “brights”. A thoughtful colour scheme will unify your collection of wall art and help you achieve that all important “gallery wall” effect.


6. Personal Touch With Signature Pieces:


Inject a personal touch into your gallery wall by featuring a couple of signature wall art pieces. For example you could showcase your most cherished dog painting or a unique pet portrait as a focal point.
These signature pieces not only celebrate your artistic prowess but also anchor your gallery wall with a sense of personal connection.

7. Playful Experimentation With Arrangement:

Creating a gallery wall is an interior design art form that is the perfect place to encourage playful experimentation. Why not lay out your framed prints and wall art canvases on the floor first, just to experiment with different arrangements. Play around with the spacing, heights, and groupings until you discover a layout that brings your gallery wall to life.

8. Adding Dimension with Wall Decor:

Elevate your gallery wall to new heights by incorporating three-dimensional elements. Intersperse your framed prints with decorative shelves, mirrors, or sculptural pieces. This dynamic mix adds depth and texture, transforming your gallery wall into a visually stimulating masterpiece.


9. A Gallery Wall That Grows With You:

Your gallery wall is a reflection of your artistic journey and evolving taste. Allow it to grow with you by bringing in new pieces over time. Don’t be afraid to mix it up every now and then. Whether it's a cute animal art find or a modern art piece that steals your heart, let your gallery wall be a testament to your ongoing artistic exploration.

10. Illuminating Your Masterpiece:

The final touch to your gallery wall is the perfect lighting. Strategically placed lighting enhances the visual impact of your curated wall art collection. Experiment with track lighting, wall sconces, or even string lights to showcase your gallery wall in all its radiant glory.

Creating your own gallery wall is the perfect way to celebrate what you love and your own sense of personal style. From captivating dog paintings to enchanting animal artwork and modern art marvels, let your gallery wall be a testament to your unique aesthetic.

Have a go! Transform your space into a sanctuary of style, where every glance reveals a story, and a chance to share more of your true personality.


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