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Dachshund Sausage Dog Paintings: Introducing Eddie

dog portrait, animal art

Today we’re taking a closer look at my wall art creation featuring Eddie the Wirehaired Dachshund, a cute little chap I had the pleasure of creating a dog portrait of recently.

Bold Canvas; Contemporary Statement Art

My painting of Eddie the wirehaired dachshund has to be one of my favourite animal portraits that I have created so far. It’s a special dog painting of an adorable sausage dog, bursting with dark blues and greys and brought to life with splashes of red, yellow, and orange.

This isn't just any wall art; it's a contemporary statement piece that I think really grabs your attention - Eddie’s beautiful, soulful eyes look straight into yours, creating an immediate emotional connection that’s hard to ignore. This dog portrait is perfect for anyone looking to add a bold touch to their home decor.

The Magic Behind My Sausage Dog Paintings

I've spent many years perfecting my unique painting method, which combines hand-painted geometric patterns with fluid paint splashes. This technique allows me to make my animal subjects come alive on wall art canvas, as if they’re waiting to jump off the wall and have a cuddle.

The Joy of Colour

Exuberant use of colour is at the heart of my work. There are no rules, no plans—just instinct and freedom. This approach gives each piece of animal art its own energy and life, making them a refreshing take on a much-loved subject. It's this celebration of life that I aim to bring to every piece of animal artwork I create.

Why Choose My Dog Portrait Wall Art?

Here’s why my dog portraits make such fantastic additions to your home (in my humble opinion!):

Unique Style: Each dog portrait is a unique blend of geometric patterns and fluid paint splashes, creating a one-of-a-kind piece.

Vibrant Colours: The bright, bold colours that I use to create my animal artwork bring each animal to life and add a pop of colour to any room.

Expressive Subjects: My dog portraits capture the personality of each animal, making them feel like a part of your family.

High-Quality Prints: Available in large wall art canvas sizes and durable animal art canvas prints, these pieces are made to last.

Bringing Dog Art Into Your Home

By choosing one of my dog canvas prints or other dog portraits, you're not just adding a piece of art to your home—you're bringing a burst of life and personality into your space. These paintings are more than decorations; they're companions that brighten up your day.

Join Me On This Colourful Journey

Creating these vibrant, expressive pieces is my passion and I'm thrilled to share them with you. Whether you're an art lover, an animal enthusiast, or both, why not delve into my collection and find the perfect animal artwork piece that speaks to you.

Feel free to visit my website at Sarah Taylor Art to see more of my work, learn about my process, and maybe even take one of these lively characters home!

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