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The Coolest Wall Art Colours of 2024: Sarah Taylor Art Embraces Colour

Animal Print

Your home is your own personal canvas, a private sanctuary you get to make your own, and wall art can serve as an easy way to add bursts of colour and inspiration to your space.

As 2024 progresses, Sarah Taylor Art is using colours that aren’t just ‘on-trend’ but have a psychological, uplifting and positive impact on your living environment. Come on, let’s splash some bold colour on the canvas of your home, and explore the science and craft of transforming living spaces with my vibrant wall art.

Scarlet Statements: The Boldness of Red Art

Red is a colour that commands attention; it's bold, powerful, and a piece of red wall art can transform a room with its passionate presence.

When you hang a red wall art piece, you’re not just adding a splash of colour — you're bringing in energy and excitement. In 2024, shades of red like ‘Crimson Red’ and ‘Venetian Red’ are all about creating a space that’s alive with warmth and activity. Think busy social spaces or your personal creative studio; these reds can inspire and invigorate.

Blue As Serene As The Sea: Finding Harmony

Dive into the blues, the tranquil titan that can instantly cool and calm any room. Blue can evoke the gentle lull of the waves and my blue wall art is designed to relax and renew.

For instance my captivating Dalmatian dog painting has an effortless laid back style and is infused with lots of blue tones, to create a unique artwork that will elevate and transform any wall into a tranquil space.

A Ray Of Sunshine In Your Room: Orange

Orange wall art brings warmth in its full glory. A dominant orange wall art piece can illuminate even the darkest corners, lifting moods and enhancing the feeling of welcome in your home.

It’s a colour of optimism and vibrancy.
For intimate settings like the kitchen or dining room, a golden ochre can invigorate conversations and appetite. 2024’s oranges are all about brightness — hang them wisely and watch your room bask in the joy of sunlight. Take a look at my “Great Aunt Barbara”, animal print, which brings the right amount of orange wall art goodness to your home decor.

Art Is Personal: The Universal Truth of Wall Art

When it comes to coloured wall art, the process of selecting your pieces is more than just decoration; it a personal journey, a captivating glimpse into the very core of your soul.

Choosing the right piece of wall art for your haven becomes an expression of who you are, a reflection of the ambiance you aspire to create within the walls of your sanctuary.

Remember, there is no rigid rulebook dictating your choices; instead, it’s about your personal preferences and the vibrant hues of your own, unique personality.
In a world often perceived in stark black and white, the power of colour is a guiding force, helping you discover and embrace your true self. A home adorned with the captivating charm of animal art, is surely a happy one - and the magnetic allure of my striking animal wall art, I know will bring you timeless joy.


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