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Brush Strokes & Wagging Tails: The Pet Portrait Tale of Bruce

Border Collie Artwork

You all seemed to enjoy hearing about Jasper and his pet portrait, so I thought I’d tell you about Bruce, another lovely dog who I have had the honour of creating a pet portrait of!

Introducing The Pet Portrait Model: Meet Bruce The Border Collie


To start with, I thought it was only right to give you a little background info on Bruce himself… he enjoys a peaceful snooze in the garden, occasionally opening an eye to watch little birds hop around him. All sounds very Disney-esque doesn’t it? Well it is, unless these birds happen to be pigeons or crows. Bruce isn’t fond of these and suddenly everything isn’t so serene! Being brushed isn’t on his list of favourite things either, but with all the adventures Bruce likes to go on it is unfortunately somewhat of a necessity!

Bruce’s parents came to one of my open days, where I was displaying my animal wall art collection. They explained that they already had 2 pieces from my animal art collection - Gladys and Felicity - and then decided to commission a pet portrait of the lovely Bruce! I was very excited to accept the challenge as this would be the first piece of border collie artwork that I have had the pleasure of creating.
I was, as I always am when someone would like a commission, absolutely thrilled to be asked to paint Bruce, and couldn’t wait to see some pictures and make a start on this dog painting!

I received several great pictures of Bruce before I began work on the pet portrait of him. One thing you should know about him is that as soon as you say ‘pose’ he does, he sits perfectly, head up, ready for his next photo opportunity! This meant the pictures I got of Bruce were perfect to work from, the hard part was which one to choose.

I always leave it up to the customer to choose whether they would like a full portrait of their four-legged friend or a close up of their face, after all purchasing a piece of animal art, particularly so when it is a pet portrait as it is such a personal thing.


The Finished Product: A Colourful Piece of Border Collie Artwork


Border Collies have so many unique qualities about them, and this pet portrait of Bruce embodies all of his – from his big beautiful eyes to his sleek, agile frame that moves with grace and purpose. I think the final product, this piece of border collie artwork, really showcases Bruce and I think has captured the essence of his playful energy and endearing quirks.

My colourful Border Collie wall art goes beyond traditional dog paintings. In this particular pet portrait, I've used vibrant splashes of colour to showcase Bruce's charisma. Dog portraits featuring Border Collies like Bruce become a tribute to the lovely and extraordinary connection between humans and their furry companions.

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