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Animal painting top 10 - a round-up of the most popular colourful animal art

Animal painting top 10 - a round-up of the most popular colourful animal art

There’s something to be said for the comfort an animal brings to a home. When you find an animal painting that makes you smile, you’re in for a treat every time you walk in the room. Let’s take a look at the animal painting top 10 for 2022 and see which one you connect with.

You’ll have to imagine the top of the pops music in the background you read!

At number 10 in the animal painting chart, we welcome Fern the deer.
This is one of my favourite paintings actually! This colourful deer painting is full of character and seems to glow with a wonderful calming nature. Full of grace and natural beauty, a deer who brings a touch of magic to your home.

Check her out! 


deer painting


Just in front of Fern the deer painting we have Barnaby the hare hopping in to say hello!

A happy hoppy hare painting, with iconic ears, and bright colours! Barnaby is very happy to take number 9 in the animal painting top 10. He’s charging round the field in excitement! Say hello to him here! 

hare painting


Swinging in at number 8 in the animal painting countdown, is the colourful squirrel painting – Cynthia.

Cynthia the squirrel is a new arrival in 2022 and has quickly started bounding up the wish list of many who catch a glimpse of her as she scampers round the garden! She’s bright and bold and ready to bring a flash of colour to your home. Shop now!

cynthia squirrel art


Just in front of Cynthia, bounds Zeus; King of goats! Number 7 animal painting 2022!

Zeus is king for a reason, he’s been one of the top goat paintings for quite a few years now. I painted him back in 2017 and he’s been riding the wave of coolest kid in the yard for the last 5 years – he even has matching cushion, phone cases and notebooks! Take a peek now! 

goat painting



The super six spot in today’s animal painting chart is Billy Badger.

Billy is at the forefront of cutest badger art on the planet and he’s ever so proud to call you a friend! He’s earned his stripes as one of the friendliest animals in my gang, and has a full range of products too! Explore the range.

billy badger art



Five goooooooold rings! (Sorry!) There’s a non-mover at number 5 – The Queen Bee wall art is here to stay!

The Queen Bee is a really popular animal painting, one of the nicest bees around! She’s a sassy young lady who’s got your back, looking after the garden and helping the world. We love bees! With matching cushion, view the full queen bee art range here.

bee painting


In at Number 4 is a stag painting who’s been a steady climber since he launched a year ago. Full of character and bursting with colour this colourful animal painting is a Stag worth getting to know! Visit him here!  


oscar stag painting framed


Just pipping Oscar the wild to the animal painting top 3 is all time best seller Percy the Squirrel.

Percy the Squirrel painting is full of character, a cheeky red squirrel who’s peeping from his tree into your home. Squirrel art for anyone who loves red squirrels! An all time favourite, who has held a spot in the top 3 for the last 6 years! Shop Percy here

squirrel painting



Taking the animal painting silver medal this year is a new entry for Mabel the Cockapoo

This is the first Cockapoo painting I ever did! Mabel this lovable cockapoo art is waiting to give you a big fluffy cuddle! She’s full of colour, and big on personality and a must for any cockapoo owner! Come say hello!


cockapoo painting

Drum Roll Purrrlease!
Here we go! The number one animal painting is Teddy the Cocker Spaniel! Woohoo! Anew entry this year, Teddy swooped up the leader board in the last couple of weeks of the year making him the most popular animal painting from my collection this year!
Teddy the cocker spaniel is bursting with energy, he’s full of character and cannot wait to bounce into your life with a rainbow of colour. Say hello to Teddy!


cocker spaniel painting


The animal painting top ten is complete! Woopwoop! What a colourful collection of animal art. I hope you’ve enjoyed this run down of the top ten this year who tickles your fancy?

1. Teddy the Cocker Spaniel painting Say hello to Teddy!
2. Mabel the Cockapoo art Come say hello!
3. Percy the squirrel painting Shop Percy here
4. Oscar the Stag painting Visit him here!  
5. Queen Bee Painting view the full queen bee art range here.
6. Billy Badger Art Explore the range.
7. Zeus Goat painting Take a peek now! 
8. Cynthia the Squirrel art Shop now!
9. Barnaby the Hare painting Say hello to him here! 
10. Fern the Deer painting Check her out! 


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