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How To Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Room: Ideas For Animal Wall Art & Wall Prints

Wall art - how to add a pop of colour to your room


Imagine yourself walking into a room that’s completely beige, white or grey. The walls are plain and bare, and the furniture is all neutral tones. Chances are you would feel bored, uninspired, and just about ready to leave!


A room like that screams for a pop of colour to brighten up the ambiance, making it lively and inviting for yourself and your guests!


But where do you begin? 


In this blog post, I’ll share some of the best ways to add a pop of colour to your room, focusing on ideas for animal wall art, wall prints, and colourful framed canvas to make your living space really stand out!



Modern Animal Wall Art


Animals can add a fun and playful touch to any room. Not only does my Animal Artwork Collection have many different animals to choose from, but I’m almost certain you’ll find ones that reflect your personality!


For example, if you love big cats, you might choose my striking Rory the Lion wall artwork or our fierce Clifford the Tiger canvas painting.


Alternatively, if you’re more of a dog portrait person, cute and colourful artwork of your own little pooch might be just what you're looking for! I only have a limited number of custom pet portrait commissions that I work on each year so make sure you sign up to the wait list and save your space!


When selecting your animal prints, you can also choose different types of frames with varying sizes to make your print stand out further.



Wall Prints


My Wall prints come in many different shapes, sizes, and subjects. Although I love being a pet artist, I also enjoy painting all sorts of animal art, from farmyard artwork to wildlife prints!


Whatever your taste, playing around with different prints can create a unique and personal statement in any room, and will certainly add a pop of colour.



Colourful & Contemporary Paintings


Bold and bright coloured wall art can make a statement in any room. If you have minimal wall decor and need to fill up space, a statement painting such as my ‘Hilda the highland cow painting’ or my ‘Margaret the horse painting’ will do just the trick.


Alternatively, use contemporary wall art prints and canvas to illustrate your interests or hobbies, such as dogs or british wildlife. Bright, modern colours can complement your room's furniture or provide a bold and contrasting pop of colour that gives your room and how you feel an instant lift.



Mixing and Matching


Don't be afraid to mix up and blend decor styles and artwork too. I always use a variety of techniques when creating my animal artwork and you should do the same! Hanging a combination of animal wall art, colourful canvases and wall prints are a great way to create a collage or feature gallery wall.


Consider your colour choices so they align with your room's colour scheme or create an accent feature that catches the eye when you walk in. When selecting your prints or animal paintings, you can play with different themes - like wildlife, tropical birds or dogs and colours, or subject matter to make it appealing to your taste.


You don't have to settle for a bare and dull room, adding a pop of colour can positively impact your overall room atmosphere and it’s a great way to lift your mood - seeing fun artwork that makes you smile every day.


Animal wall art, wall prints, and colourful paintings are just some ideas to inspire you on your interior decor journey. Remember to always choose what reflects your interests and personality.


Start with one or two pieces integrated into your room and see how it elevates the look and feel. With the different ways to incorporate art into your room, the possibilities are endless, and remember it's ok to be as bold as you want!

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