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6 Top tips for a successful painting commission

6 Top tips for a successful painting commission-Sarah Taylor Art

Taking the plunge to commission a painting can be an exciting yet daunting task. It can be a truly wonderful experience leading to something special and personal. Here are my top tips to ensure you get the most out of it:

  1.  Find an artist who's style you love, and stick with it.
    Dont try to get them to change their style to fit with your tastes, it will never come out how you expect.

  2. Know your subject. 
    If you have a clear idea of what you want and can express that well so the artist understands, you're onto a winner.

  3. Clarity.
    To commission a painting from a photo, make sure your reference images are as clear as possible, with important features (face & eyes) in close up. ( pictures on Facebook are low quality, you need to send the original file)

  4. Freedom.
    Give your chosen artist creative freedom. If you let them take risks & use their judgement, the end result will have much more life to it. Put your trust in them - they are the expert.

  5. Discuss
    Discuss your preferences in advance, if there are some colours you really can't stand, let the artist know in advance; they want you to  fall in love with your painting.

  6. Research
    Research the artist's work. If you can tell them which paintings you like in their collections, and in particular which details, it will help them come up with something you will love!

If you'd like more info about commissioning a painting with Sarah, click here

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