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5 highland cow canvases to brighten your world

5 highland cow paintings

There is so much highland cow art out there, how do you find the right highland cow canvas to match your personality? Because that’s what’s important isn’t it,  wall art that you connect with, art that makes you smile! I think the best way is to get to know them better, so I’m going to introduce you to 5 colourful cows who have been squabbling all morning about who gets to go first. They’re a lively bunch who love colour and can’t wait to say hello!

 The first highland cow canvas I’d like to introduce is Morag. She is always up with the lark so she can get first dibs on best grass and position on the wall. Morag stands amongst the wild bilberries and mossy tussocks of the high-level pastures. She takes a long deep lungful of fresh highland air as she watches the sun rise and glisten over the heavy dew of the bog. Morag feels happy. She is in her favourite place enjoying that beautiful aroma of moss and peat, before the rest of the herd start to wake.

Colourful Highland Cow canvas



Morag’s best friend is Highland Hilda who happens to have a hundred hairstyles, but this is her favourite. It may look like she just emerged from a roll around in the bracken but I and the rest of the herd can confirm she has been styling herself for well over 2 hours whilst we stand in line for use of the only mirror. She’s one of the most colourful highland cow canvases you’ll find!

Highland cow art


Prudence is Morag’s sister and one of our most stylish highland cow canvases. She exudes luxury and class. Her glossy coat is well coiffured and regularly restyled, and she is way ahead of all the latest trends and colour combinations. That said, there is a different side to her that I like best; her true grit comes to light when she’s competing in ironman races, last month she beat all the boys, and still looked like a million dollars at the end!colourful highland cow


Maggie Moo always comes up trumps when the cows have talent contest she likes a dance, but she loves to sing even more. On a bleak grey afternoon in the thick low cloud; the kind that sticks to your coat, Maggie is often heard calling. Her warmup exercises often scare away potential audiences, but if you stick around you’ll hear the sweetest rendition of Misty, her favourite Ella number. This is what makes Maggie Moo the most popular highland cow canvas in the herd.highland cow painting 

Mabel is last but by no means least, she’s a poet - but doesn’t know it:

Colourful Mable can tell us a fable;
all she asks is you sit still on the table and hold your breath as long as you’re able, especially if things become unstable.

She’ll be as quick as she can laying the cable, to stop the horse from bolting the stable, and scaring the bird from his perch on the gable.

Because all those things are unavoid-able, if you can’t sit still and wait for Mabel, the cow with the coat from a fabulous label. Colourful highland cow painting

Hopefully you’ve got to know the cows a bit better, if you want to see them in all their glory they’ve insisted I leave you a link so you can drop by and say hello to them. Just click here to check out all my highland cow canvases, or here to visit the framed canvas collection.

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