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4 Easy Ways for Animal Lovers to Hang Large Wall Art

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For animal lovers, our homes are not just living spaces; they are sanctuaries of love and nests of comfort for our beloved pets.

One way to further personalise and enrich these sacred spaces is through the power of wall art. Whether it's a heart-warming painting of your loyal companion or a vibrant canvas of your favourite species, large wall art not only reflects your passion for animals but also plays an integral part in creating a calming environment for you and your furry friends.

However, the task of hanging large wall art can sometimes be daunting, especially for those with little DIY experience or concerns about the safety of their pets. Here are four easy ways for pet lovers to enjoy their wall art without the stress of installation.

Four Easy Ways to Hang Large Wall Art

1. Monkey Hooks for the Non-committal

Monkey hooks are a fantastic solution for those who hesitate to make permanent marks on their walls. These hooks can hold impressive weights, making them a reliable option for larger pieces. To use them, simply insert the hook at a 45-degree angle, and the small turn will lock it in place. The 'monkey' hook prevents accidental slippage, keeping your animal wall art secure and your pet's curious nature safely satiated.

2. Frame-Free Mounting with Adhesive Strips

If you prefer a damage-free approach, consider adhesive mounting strips. These strips, when properly applied, can hold a surprising amount of weight and are a great alternative to traditional nails. They're especially helpful for those who rent their homes or are hesitant about wall damage in general. Just remember to choose the strips according to the weight of your wall art and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maximum hold.

3. Professional Hanging Services

For the ultimate peace of mind, professional hanging services are worth the investment. These experts can ensure your animal wall art is not only secure but also positioned to perfection, creating an aesthetically pleasing presentation for you and your pet to enjoy.

4. DIY Hanging Systems

If you're looking for a more hands-on approach, there are various DIY hanging systems to explore. Picture rail moulding, when installed correctly, offers versatility in hanging and moving your art. Similarly, hanging wires with adjustable hooks can provide a simple yet flexible solution for large and heavy wall art pieces.

Safety Measures for Hanging Art in Pet-friendly Homes

Keeping Art and Pets Safe

In a pet-friendly home, it's essential to hang your wall art with the safety of your animals in mind. This means ensuring that the wall art is secured firmly to the wall, preferably with multiple fixings, to prevent accidents if your pet gets a bit too playful.

Regularly checking the art for any signs of damage or loosening will also help to avoid any potential hazards.

Pet-friendly Materials and Techniques

When choosing materials for hanging your wall art, opt for non-toxic adhesives if you are using them. This protects your pet from potential harm if they decide to investigate the artwork a little too closely.

Additionally, consider the placement of your animal art—avoid hanging pieces low enough for your pet to jump on, especially if they're prone to doing so.

The Impact of Wall Art on Animal Lovers

Your Pets Will Love It

Studies have shown that visual elements can have a profound psychological and emotional impact on animals. Cats, for instance, are known to be visually oriented creatures and are often fascinated by the play of light and shadow on gallery prints or the varied colours of a painting.

Meanwhile, dog owners who adorn their walls with dog portraits may find that their four-legged friends become more affable and respond with increased enthusiasm to their favourite visual treat.

Pet Owners' Well-being

For animal lovers, the sight of majestic wildlife or a charming pet painting can be incredibly therapeutic. Wall art is not just a reflection of our personal joys; it is an active participant in boosting our mood and reducing stress.

Enhancing Your Living Space

Large wall art can be a powerful tool in transforming our living spaces into pet-approved paradises. By following these simple methods, you can safely and easily hang your favourite pieces, adding a touch of serenity and joy to your home.

Remember, the goal is to create a safe and happy environment for both you and your animals to appreciate.

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