The Scarlet Pimpernel - Framed Fine Art Print

The first of my robin paintings, The Scarlet Pimpernel focuses on the beauty of the garden robin, and his inquisitive and friendly personality. Anyone who spends time in the garden will be familiar with that sensation when you can feel someone looking at you, and look up to find a robin casting his eye over, to see what you're doing. This robin print will resonate with any keen gardener.

The master of disguise and quick thinking, who dresses in red for dinner and drives the women crazy. This unassuming Super-hero arrived in my garden one morning last June, and demanded the finest food known to humanity. He says hello, and sings ferociously every day.

      • Robin painting
      • Genuine lightfast Gicle print
      • Choice of 3 styles
      • Money-back guarantee

 14" x 14" print

2)  22" x 22" print

3)  30" x 30" print

Prints are available to buy on their own or professionally Framed in a 1.25" Satin finish black frame to accentuate the Large colours and characters in my art.

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Fabulous print

I’m very happy with my fourth purchase from Sarah Taylor, the beautiful Scarlett Pimpernel is stunning, great service and very well packaged.