All of You - Canvas

"All of You" fox painting is one half of a very special couple. The other part is "All of Me" which has a fox gazing straight into the eyes of this lush fox painting. They sit together and look lovingly at each other. Ahh before we're all sick I should point out that they are very happy to come live with you on their own too! 

Embers the fox is the fiery companion of Sandy, the two are inseparable. Embers loves to dance and romance especially when the moon is full. They can often be found dancing the night away after a few glasses of gin.

      • Contemporary wall art
      • Chunky 38mm premium canvas
      • Professional fine-art canvas printing
      • Perfect colour reproduction
      • Free shipping on all canvases
      • Money-back guarantee

    Available in 3 sizes:
    ORIGINAL - 24/61 cm /SUPER - 30/76cm /WHOPPER - 40/101 cm


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    I bought 3 canvases they are all stunning and brighten up my kitchen.