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Highland Cows - bright bovine animal prints from Sarah Taylor



Prudence Framed Canvas

From £135.00 - £325.00

Mabel Framed Canvas

From £135.00 - £325.00

Sarah's distinctive Highland Cows are treasured favourites with animal art lovers, and with characters this colourful, you can see why!  These cow paintings bring a lot of life to a bare wall, but Sarah thinks that if you know the back story of these beautiful Highland Cows, then you'll have not only found a painting but you'll have made a furry friend for life.

Maggie Moo

The most famous of Sarah's highland cows, Maggie Moo likes a wee dance, but she loves to sing even more. On a bleak, grey afternoon in the thick, low cloud, the kind that sticks to your coat, Maggie is often heard calling. Her warm-up exercises often scare away potential audiences, but if you stick around long enough, you’ll hear the sweetest rendition of Misty, her favourite Ella number.


Prudence is the Harvey Nicks of highland cows; she exudes luxury and class. Her glossy coat is well coiffured and regularly restyled, and she is way ahead of all the latest trends and colour combinations. That said, there is a different side to her that I like best; her true grit comes to light when she’s competing in ironman races. Last month she beat all the boys and still looked like a million dollars at the end!

Highland Fling

Contrary to popular belief, highland cows are so-named not because of their Scottish heritage but because of their love and dexterity in dancing the Highland Fling. Miriam here won Gold in the 2015 dance championships. It was her unusual combination of asymmetric grand plié kick-ball change into a perfect pirouette that caught the judge’s eye.

For other paintings of our boisterous bovines' farmyard friends, please visit our Farm Animals page.  For updates on our Highland Cows and other ongoing paintings, please follow Sarah on social media.