Poppy - Canvas

All of the wonderful characters in my collection of dog paintings aren۪t just examples of dogs that I like and have decided to paint. Each of these four-legged friends are part of a loving family, who have chosen to honour their furry friend with a commissioned painting.

As you would expect from a Beagle, Poppy has a keen nose. She gives credit to her nose for being such a great hunter; she can effortlessly sniff a stray sock from 10 m. She might be colour blind, but that doesn۪t mean she can۪t appreciate the funky patterns. She۪s got her eye on a zig zag one at the moment to complete the collection she has hidden in her bed. The humans don۪t seem to want to share their socks, pretty unfair thinks Poppy, what do they want with two zig zag ones anyway, surely one is enough!?

      • Contemporary Dog canvas
      • Chunky 38mm premium canvas
      • Professional fine-art canvas printing
      • Perfect colour reproduction
      • Free shipping on all canvases
      • Money-back guarantee

    Available in 3 sizes:
    ORIGINAL - 24/61 cm SUPER - 30/76 cm WHOPPER - 40/101 cm

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    Customer Reviews

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    A truly lovely picture.

    We own two beagles and Poppy captures the spirit of them both, we love it!